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Saving Money: Children’s Consignment Stores

Oliver was so spoiled. Well, he is still spoiled, but I’m referring to the fact that he was the first baby, first grandbaby, first everything and everything he received was new. Oh how I wish I wasn’t so snobbish, maybe I’d have more money! My mom shopped at consignment stores when my sisters and I…… Continue reading Saving Money: Children’s Consignment Stores

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Must Haves for Newborns

Chris and I were the first ones out of our families (extended family included!) to have a kid. Now there are four kiddos and two more on the way! We had to navigate the new world of parenting on our own, and we’ve had our fair share of hits and misses. I’ve put together a…… Continue reading Must Haves for Newborns

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Thank God for YouTube Kids

I didn’t teach Oliver the alphabet or numbers. Neither did Chris. YouTube did. Years ago, when I was a server at Chili’s, I’d see the parents bring in their kids and give them a tablet to watch while they ate dinner. “I’ll never do that when I’m a parent,” I said. HA! My iPhone and…… Continue reading Thank God for YouTube Kids