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Palm Springs Part II

Oh. My. God. I haven’t written in sooo long. My excuse this time? I’ve been watching movies on my iPhone at night once the kids go to bed. I found this questionable site and I’ve been streaming all the movies I’ve wanted to see in the theaters, but haven’t been able to because ya know, life.…… Continue reading Palm Springs Part II

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Interview with Kris Jones, Co-Founder of ‘Special Guest App’

What would you do if you needed to hire a live performer for an event you were hosting? Or you wanted a photographer to take pictures of your newborn baby? Search through Google or Yelp? Or ask for recommendations through Facebook? Or what if you have a talent that you want to showcase? Now there…… Continue reading Interview with Kris Jones, Co-Founder of ‘Special Guest App’

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Saving Money: Children’s Consignment Stores

Oliver was so spoiled. Well, he is still spoiled, but I’m referring to the fact that he was the first baby, first grandbaby, first everything and everything he received was new. Oh how I wish I wasn’t so snobbish, maybe I’d have more money! My mom shopped at consignment stores when my sisters and I…… Continue reading Saving Money: Children’s Consignment Stores

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My 5 Minute Face

Gone are my days where I could spend forever sitting in front of my vanity, carefully applying layers of makeup and working on my hair. Some links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Being a fair-skinned redhead, I…… Continue reading My 5 Minute Face

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Must Haves for Newborns

Chris and I were the first ones out of our families (extended family included!) to have a kid. Now there are four kiddos and two more on the way! We had to navigate the new world of parenting on our own, and we’ve had our fair share of hits and misses. I’ve put together a…… Continue reading Must Haves for Newborns

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Keeping Track of Paying Bills: Free Template

I’ve always been the one in the relationship in charge of our financials. It suits my Type A personality (aka, I’d rather do it myself than let someone else do it). With the new year coming up, I know a lot of people try to get themselves more organized and ready for what the year…… Continue reading Keeping Track of Paying Bills: Free Template