I’m Christine. A thirty-someone year old mother of two with a husband and a pup. 

I still think about what I want to be when I grow up.

My main interests (besides the kiddos) include reading, binge watching Netflix series, shopping at Target, and going places on weekends. I love junk food and my body is 70% composed of Diet Coke. I’m an introvert, but I can force myself to be social if warranted. I live in gorgeous southern California, but I dream of living in colder climates.

The Fam Bam.

I’m married to Chris (yep, we’re Chris and Christine…). We met via MySpace back in the day and then actually met in person when I was in Vegas for a girls trip. Six months later we moved to Vegas and stayed there for a year before I got homesick and wanted to move back to California. Over ten years later, we’re married with two kids. I never would’ve thought, but here we are!

Oliver is our first born. He’s 3 1/2 and just the light of my life (so is my daughter, but don’t tell Ollie that). He’s a very strong willed little human and he is so funny. He also has a Type A personality just like me, which I am not so secretly proud of. Oliver is on the autism spectrum and has some sensory processing issues. He goes to school everyday for kids like him and I’ve seen such a tremendous improvement with his skillset since he’s been attending. One of my goals with this blog is to share progress and struggles we’ve had, so that I can help others in similar situations.

Piper was born last July and it’s been a rough year. I was sick my entire pregnancy with hyperemesis and then I had a horrible complication with my recovery from my c-section. I plan on sharing my experience to help others, cause Lord knows I was googling my butt off during that rough time of my life. I also have struggled with some postpartum depression which is no picnic! But I have a beautiful, healthy, baby girl and I can’t wait to share some moments with you!

I’m also very close with my family— We live in my parents house because I needed help while I was sick and then during my recovery. Now we’re just staying because it’s so convenient! I do everything with my two younger sisters, Kelly and Katy, so I know they’ll show up in my posts!

Family at Fashion Island 2015