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Palm Springs Part II

Oh. My. God. I haven’t written in sooo long. My excuse this time? I’ve been watching movies on my iPhone at night once the kids go to bed. I found this questionable site and I’ve been streaming all the movies I’ve wanted to see in the theaters, but haven’t been able to because ya know, life. So now I’m pretty caught up on films (btw, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was robbed at the Oscars. Robbed I tell you!) and I realize I hadn’t blogged in a while, so here we are. Truthfully, nothing that big or exciting has been going on. Chris, the kids, and I usually have been going to Disneyland on the weekends, and we haven’t been on any vacations except for our anniversary vacay to Palm Springs!

Yep, we went back to Palm Springs. And yep, we went to the same hotel: Alcazar Palm Springs. It’s such a relaxing boutique hotel, and I love the room we get—It has a private patio with a little table and chairs, and inside is a fireplace. The rooms are pretty stark white, and it is very calming, which is just lovely.

Alcazar Palm Springs
Entrance to the Alcazar lobby

Plus, it’s connected to the best brunch place in the world: Cheeky’s. So, of course, we ate there as soon as we arrived.

Bacon flight!
Chilaquiles are the bomb dot com
Oxtail hash
Seriously, get the agua fresca!

Other places we ate were:

Las Casuelas Terraza—Excellent Mexican food + we had a great dinner with our old friends, Candace and Sean, whom we hadn’t seen since before I was pregnant with Oliver!

Great Shakes—Super yummy milkshakes!

IMG_9833 (1)
Horrible photo, but the peanut butter + banana shake was EXCELLENT

Frankinbun—Ok, this may have been the highlight of our trip. It’s a tiny, hole-in-the-wall, but way cute hot dog joint that has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I just said it’s tiny, and I meant it. Beware if you visit during the summer they only had a small portable A/C unit and unless they just weren’t put up, there were no umbrellas outside.

Funky wallpaper designed by Candice Held. Zoom in if you can!


Frankinbun entrance

Lulu California Bistro—We noticed last time that this place was way popular, so we checked it out. They have a large menu, kinda similar to The Cheesecake Factory where they have a little bit of everything. And they have special menu deals with appetizers, entree, and a dessert for about $20, so that was cool.

Cucumber Cooler—Hendricks gin, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, triple sec, and fresh cucumber

Bootlegger Tiki—Well now that I think about it, this may have been the highlight of our trip haha. This tiki bar is (again) super small, but way cool. Their drinks are all really handcrafted and the bartenders were incredibly friendly and they knew their stuff. I really dug the vibe in there and now I’m obsessed with tiki bars. Especially the music that was playing: late 50s, 60s type songs.

Three booths and a handful of barstools
I got the Pod Thai and I don’t remember what Chris got…
They said it’s been the most popular drink since forever


John’s Resturant—We ate here for breakfast on our way out of town. A good, American diner type place that filled us up and wasn’t expensive.

We didn’t do much else on this trip except go swimming, I read a book (Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson), and we drove around to see as many colored doors on homes that we could see 🙂 We kinda followed a post on another blog to give us a heading, but we also just drove around doing our own thing. ACS-0016[1]IMG-9875[1]IMG-9874[1]IMG-9873[1]IMG-9871[1]ACS-0019[1]ACS-0017[1]ACS-0013[1]IMG-9872[1]

Another house we drove by was Elvis’ Honeymoon Hideaway, and that was pretty cool. We’re so cheap that we didn’t go on the tour, but maybe next time!

IMG_9888 (2)
Can you imagine Elvis looking out from those windows?!

And we walked along Palm Canyon Dr. and checked out a ton of shops and antique stores. When we were out looking at doors, we also made a stop at Sunny Dunes Antique Mall.

Sunny Dunes Antique Mall
Furry friend
I had a white cat named Seka when I was a child
IMG_9820 (1)
Mid-century modern is everywhere!
IMG_9819 (1)
A collection of high-end shops in an old MCM building
IMG_9821 (1)
“Backyard” of The Shops at Thirteen Forty-Five

IMG_9822 (1)

More friends?
I’m obsessed with this pink color
I found a lot of “friends”…

Our two-night vacation was short-lived, but it definitely was relaxing, which if you recall from last year, is all I wanted! Seriously, I feel like a sloth or a glutton, but all I want to do is sit by a pool with a book and not talk to anyone for a few hours. Then I’d like to eat, drink a couple of cocktails, maybe pop a couple sleeping pills (lol), and sleep in a comfy bed all covered up with the air-conditioning blasting. Hmm, that sounds good right about now. Great. Now I want to go on another vacation. Chris is going to roll his eyes at me.

xx, Chrissy


3 thoughts on “Palm Springs Part II

  1. I love the yellow doors with the AMAZING hardware! Thanks for the points of interest for grub; I love food 🙂 I’ve been wanting to visit Palm Springs with the hubby for a while now but the timing hasn’t been right. A friend of mine tossed out the idea to get an AirBNB there and do a couples retreat for a 3-day weekend. I think that would be fun. Do you happen to know of any good spas?


    1. I want to live in one of these homes!! And a 3-day weekend sounds awesome! Check out thegoodhouseps.com I don’t know if they have your weekend available to stay but it’s so cute! As far as spas I haven’t been to one out there yet 😦 But I have been eyeing the Estrella Spa at the Avalon Hotel 😍 Hope you have a blast!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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