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Hawaiian Paradise

Oh hi there.

Did you think I forgot about this blog? ūüėõ It’s so embarrassing, but you wanna know the reason for my absence? I used to write my posts at night after the kids went to bed. But for the past couple of months instead of getting on the computer, I’ve been relaxing in my recliner obsessed with playing Angry Birds Match on my phone!! It’s so stupid, but it’s the truth! I’m not even watching TV or really doing anything productive…I’ve just got my feet up, I have a nice adult beverage, and I play this inane app. So dumb.

So I’ve snapped myself out of it (for now) and I thought I should probably share about Chris’ and my trip to Hawaii from AUGUST.

As mentioned in my previous post, we booked our vacation through Delta Vacations and this was our “Treat Yo Self” vacay. We flew first class, which we’ve never done before! And now I don’t know how I can ever go back to Coach, lol!! We also had a car service take us to LAX and our flight left early in the morning. Delta handed me a Mai Tai the moment I got to my seat. It was love. My seat reclined into a fully flat position! It was wonderful…

Once we arrived in Honolulu and we picked up our car rental, we drove straight over to Leonard’s Bakery for their famous malasadas. Malasadas are kinda like donuts without the holes. The line wasn’t bad, and the treats are baked fresh for each customer. My favorite was just the regular¬†sugar coated. We also had cinnamon sugar and Li Hing, a sweet and sour coating.

Next was my first stop on my “Lost” checklist: Sacred Hearts Academy. This is where the church scenes were filmed, most notably in the series finale. I had no idea what to expect when we got there, I mean it’s a school and church. But I parked the car, got out, and just headed for the church. It was open and there was no one inside so we took our time and looked around. I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried when I stepped inside. Not only was the church beautiful, but Lost had such an impact on me that it was an emotional feeling being there. I FaceTimed my Dad, a fellow Lost aficionado,¬†so he could see it as well.

Sacred Hearts Academy

We weren’t staying in Honolulu, our hotel was on the North Shore, so Chris wanted to start heading up there. And let me just say that Oahu is not that big but it took forever to cross the island. People there definitely¬†are on “island time” and do not drive like they do here in southern California!! When you cross the island and reach the North, the first town is Haleiwa which is a popular spot for tourists and it has a bunch of cute shops and restaurants. We had to stop at Matsumoto’s for their famous shaved ice. The line there was ridiculous and the weather was very hot and humid. I think we were both a tad grumpy and tired from traveling…

There was traffic and it took about another hour to reach Turtle Bay Resort, but we finally made it and checked in. Part of our Delta Vacations bonus was that we stayed on the top floor, which they call the Vista level, and it comes with perks like free breakfast every day, free snorkel rentals, things like that. The view from our room was amazing. When I went out on our balcony, I just couldn’t believe that I was there and that I was really experiencing all of this. I really felt (to be super cliched) #blessed.



I’m not going to go into details of what we did every single day, because it would take too long! So I’m going to try to summarize the highlights as best as I can.

Waimea Valley

Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous spot to see. It’s a “hike” to get to the back to see the falls (which are also featured in Lost), but I saw so many people wearing flip-flops, so it wasn’t bad. I definitely would recommend taking an hour or two to go here.



Happy Haleiwa

Back in the town there is the cutest shop with the cutest mascot in the world called Happy Haleiwa. I stocked up on gifts for people in this place!


Kualoa Ranch

The highlight of our trip was going to Kualoa Ranch and going on a two-hour ATV ride through the valley where a bunch of movies have been filmed (and Lost, of course!!). It wasn’t cheap, but I think it was well worth it. We had an awesome tour guide and it was a small group of only six people (including us). Be forewarned, you get filthy!!! The Ranch also has a huge gift shop (with A/C, which was nice). They have all sorts of tours you can take and it was a fantastic experience.





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Kahuku Sugar Mill

On the way back to the resort from Kualoa, we stopped for lunch at Seven Brothers at the Mill and I had the best burger of my entire life. Not even kidding. It was the beef, I could have just eaten the patty plain and been just as content.

Turtle Bay Resort

My goodness, where do I begin with our hotel? It was paradise. It has a ton of restaurants, shops, beaches, hiking trails, excursions galore, bars, music, everything you could want. I’d like to go back here again, and stay in one of the cottages ($$$), but then a plus/minus of this resort is that it’s far away from everything. So yes, it’s nice to be away from it all, but for one instance there was a night when Chris and I were up late (for us) and wanted something to eat, but we didn’t want to spend a fortune. So we had to drive about 30 minutes away to Laie to grab a cheap bite to eat at McDonalds and then drive even further down Kam Highway to the Longs Drugstore in Hauula to get alcohol because the Foodland in Laie doesn’t sell alcohol! But a small price to pay to stay at the most beautiful place I’ve ever stayed at!












Banyan Trees

On our second to last day, I joined Chris on two hikes (and got absolutely toasted), and my favorite was going to see the Banyan trees (Lost filming locaton, check).







I wish we could’ve stayed a couple more days. I always say that I just want a vacation where I sit and do nothing (I sound like a broken record), and I was able to maybe simply relax for 40% of my time, so that was good. And best of all, I was allowed to get in the water for the first time in forever after my surgeries!!! I must’ve just stood in the ocean, shoulder deep, for the longest time, just taking it all in. I can’t wait to go back.


xx, Chrissy

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