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Getting Ready for Hawaii

Mama needs a good vacation! My Wound Vac has finally come off (fingers crossed it doesn’t have to go back on – I go in for a check up on Friday) and that means that after what has been a little more than a year, I’m healed!! So I am celebrating by taking a trip to Oahu (O’ahu? I’m not sure which way is right…), Hawaii!

Some links in this post contain affiliate links and I may collect a share of sales from the links on this page (Hey, gotta fund my trips! J/K, I make essentially zilch from this blog. Let’s be real.)

Chris’ and my discussion began with where we wanted to go. At first we were looking into all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, but the timing (it’s going to be hurricane season soon) and the fact that Chris is scared to cross the border (ay yi yi…), nixed that idea. I’ve been saying forever that I want to take a vacation where I don’t do anything. I don’t want to feel like I have to be out and about, constantly go-go-going. Because my wound will be completely healed soon, I’m really looking forward to being in the water and laying in the sand. My old friends will think I’m crazy for saying this because I grew up not really liking the beach! As a very fair redhead who wears contacts, being out in the sun and going underwater was never my forte. I think this is my way of perhaps saying F-you to my injuries! 😛 So I started thinking of other tropic locations and soon realized that we’re not super rich and as much as I want to stay in a bungalow that’s over the water in Fiji, we live in my parent’s house on one income, haha!! We are splurging (for us) on this trip though so if you’re looking for budget friendly vacation ideas you’ll have to wait for our next vacation because we’ll be broke after this one 😉

After a lot of research and having multiple tabs open on my browser, we found a good deal through Delta Vacations for our flight + hotel. We’ll be staying at Turtle Bay Resort in the North Shore of Oahu! If you’ve seen “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” this is the same resort they filmed at. I looked at the hotels in Honolulu/Wakiki, but I wanted to get away from any super populated areas and have some genuine quiet time – You can’t get much further from Honolulu than the North Shore!

We’ll be gone for five days (I was hoping for two weeks but I have a grounded husband who figuratively slapped me and brought be back to Planet Earth) and ever since booking the trip I’ve been on preparation mode which is seriously almost my favorite part of going on a vacation! I LOVE going on Pinterest and searching “Carry On Bag Essentials” and outfit ideas for different vacation spots. One of my favorite sites is Livelovesara – She puts together these awesome wardrobes for all sorts of scenarios and I just couldn’t love it more. It’s like porn to me. I’m not kidding…

So this, of course, brings out the worst in me and I become a compulsive online shopper. It may be a real addiction and I may need to talk to my therapist about it. I used to be REALLY bad. I’d have packages coming everyday. Actually lately I’ve been having packages coming everyday. Hmmm. I also used to be paid very well and have no kids…I’ll chalk it up to saying that I’m like my dad, he’s always buying stuff on Amazon and you should see our garage (yikes!). I’ll also try to justify my shopping by letting you know that I’ve returned a ton of the stuff I’ve been buying (thank you, Amazon Prime). The gals up at The UPS Store probably know me by now. So here’s what I’m taking on my trip:

What I’m Taking in My Carry On


Purse: Sole Society ‘Amerie’ Faux Leather Zip Hobo that I purchased during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale | It’s currently sold out on their website, sorry!

Weekender: Target | Women’s Weekender Handbag – Merona, Orange Stripe

Book: “The Lying Game” by Ruth Ware | I loved her other books, “The Woman in Cabin 10” and “In a Dark, Dark Wood” and this one just came out the other day. I’m trying very hard not to start reading it before our trip!

Portable charger | I think I read that Delta has outlets, but you never know!

My iPhone 6S+ (obviously), and I just got a new Case-Mate case and put on one of those Pop Socket things that are everywhere! I used to have a Loopy case, which I love, but the loop doesn’t prop up the phone like the Pop Socket does.

Compression Socks | My feet haven’t swelled up in a few years, but it’s a six hour flight from LAX to HNL and I’m scared about getting deep vein thrombosis, so as soon as I sit in my seat I’m shoving my feet in a pair of these!

Neck pillow | I don’t care if I look silly. This is my ‘treat yo self’ vacay, and I wanna be comfy!

Sanitizing wipes to cleanse my seat area + travel size hand sanitizing spray

Toiletries bag (similar) | I try to fit everything I can in my carry on in case my luggage gets lost so I make sure to bring my contact lenses paraphernalia, glasses, toothbrush, deodorant, makeup, and whatever ‘bathroom’ items that I can get by the TSA. This includes my Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist because I’ve been working on my skin lately (I’ll have to do another post about that) and I don’t want my skin to dry out!

Extra set of clothes for when we arrive + bathing suit| It’s going to be warm in Hawaii and we’ll be stopping at couple places before we head up to the resort. And you never know if I’ll get the urge to run straight into the ocean once we land 😛

Airplane Outfit


I haven’t locked this down quite yet, but based on my “research” from Pinterest (side note: my mom just came in the office and lectured me about buying too much stuff online) I’ll be going with the following:

Leggings | Again, I’m about comfort.

Shoes | I’ve been digging these Reebok’s I bought a few months back and they’ll be perfect for the plane (i.e., I can get them off easily) as well as any hikes I may (or may not) go on

Shirt | Some sort of soft, oversized top like this one

Sweater (sold out, similar) | They always say to layer on the plane. I run perpetually hot, but in rare cases I get a chill

Scarf | I think I’m overdoing it, but as ol’ Pinny suggests, I shall bring one just in case

Comfortable bra | I think perhaps most important is your bra! I think I found one that is perfect for me, I can barely feel it when it’s on. There’s not much padding though, so beware (.)(.)

Other Clothing Items!


These are the pieces of clothes that I’m bringing with me (so far) 😀

MULTIPLE cover ups | I’ve found this Etsy shop from Indonesia who makes these awesome cover ups and I bought one of their kaftans a few months back and fell in love. It’ll be perfect for the beach! I also bought this cover up from Macy’s which I’ve already worn out and about a few times. And I still love my white cover up that I bought when we went to Palm Springs 🙂

Island dress | I saw this at Target and equated it to my version of a Hawaiian shirt 😛

Nicer dress | In case we eat at a fancier style restaurant

Shorts | When it’s warm, I live in these linen style Old Navy shorts!

Tanks | I was shopping at Anthropologie the other day when they had an extra 30% off sale items and I found these tank tops. I loved them so much that I bought three of them! Seriously, if I find an item that is flowy, soft, and sort of oversized, I buy it!

Hats | I have a large noggin and it’s a tad tough to find one that’ll fit this big ol’ heed. I’m hoping to find a good one in Hawaii, but for now I’m taking my roll up visors from Target.

Welp, that’s it for now! Hopefully I’ll have some more time before my trip to write some more blog posts. I’ve got a list of things I want to talk about but it’s hard to find time. Piper just turned one and she requires attention at all times (it’s a good thing she’s cute), and Oliver is busy with school, but he’s going through a fussy phase and doesn’t like his sister so I’ve got to keep my eye on him. Whatever downtime I have I spend getting something done or just sitting!! I used to go to bed around 9pm, but I’ve been staying up late every night lately because my mind is just running. It’s almost 1am and I’m still up. I’ll probably be up for another hour or so doing those stupid Buzzfeed quizzes or something. I wonder what house I’d be sorted into if I went to Hogwarts…

xx, Chrissy

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