Backyard Takeover

We’ve been living at my parent’s house for a year now. I can’t believe it…First we said that we’d move out right after I had Piper. Then I had my rough c-section recovery and our timeline went out the window. And there is also the fact that I quit my job to spend time at home which nixed any further ideas of buying our own home, or even renting a house! Freaking Southern California…

So we still don’t have any plans on going anywhere anytime soon. Chris was laid off from his job last month so we really aren’t in any position to go anywhere! It’s been okay though. At first I had a mental breakdown when I found out—I really didn’t think I could take much more emotionally, but I just have to be thankful that this happened while we’re living at home! What if we had taken the plunge and bought a house?! Then we’d be up shit creek without a paddle! Anyway, just another notch on what I am calling 2016 Part Deux.

It’s been nice having him home, and we’ve been keeping ourselves busy. We have recently decided to redo my parent’s backyard and build a storage shed. Our lives have been packed up and put away in a storage pod and we miss our stuff! Even if we were to get into the pod and grab something, there is nowhere in the house it can fit! So we discussed building a shed in the very back of the yard.

The backyard used to be so nice! My parent’s had it redone in 2000, but through the years and many, many dogs it basically died. The trees had also grown so large that it shaded the whole yard and killed any chance of grass growing. We had some of the trees removed last year, so now there is sunshine, but it’s still just a pile of dirt!

After the redo in 2000
Present day 😦

We have this hidden little back section that we have never, ever used before. It’s just this scary section where possums go to die and spiders thrive. But Chris has been back there, clearing it out and that where we are going to put the shed. At first, we though about buying a shed kit from The Home Depot or some place like it. But after some consideration, we decided that it could be cheaper and would look nicer if we built one from scratch.


So off to Pinterest we went! Chris and his dad are going to build the decking first, and then construct the actual shed using plans we found online. I found some images for inspiration for the design, and then once I actually went out in the backyard, I decided that I needed to spruce up the entire yard.

Color inspiration c/o @bloggaibagis
Door inspiration c/o Popsugar
Basic framing c/o My Shed Building Plans

I have no idea how long this is going to take us, but I’m looking forward to the end result. It’s been such a waste that my parents have one of the largest backyards in their tract, but it’s been so unusable for some many years. It’ll be nice to be able to have Oliver and Piper play back there like my sisters and I used to when we were younger.

My plan to build a pathway to the back area where the shed will be c/o Pallet Designs
sitting area
Sitting area c/o Apartment Therapy
garden beds
We’re planning to have some of these raised garden beds back by the shed c/o Lushome
My very amateur landscape design plans!

I’ll keep you updated! Cross your fingers we follow this through!

xx, Christine



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