Anniversary Vacation

This Friday is Chris’ and my wedding anniversary! We’ll have been married for six years (and together for a total of 11 years—we got married on the same date we met). Usually, we go on a small vacation to celebrate either to Las Vegas or San Diego. The years we weren’t able to get away, we just went out for dinner. Except last year. Last year I was ‘dying’ from hyperemesis with Piper…This year we can’t decide what to do!

Every single vacation that Chris and I have been on has been the type of getaway where we are ‘doing something.’ When we go to Vegas we’re always walking around, going from hotel to hotel, we’re always on the move. Down in San Diego we walk around Old Town, hop on the trolley and explore the downtown area (Gaslamp District, Little Italy, Seaport Village). The one time we traveled to San Francisco I cannot even tell you how much we walked. I’d like a getaway where I do absolutely nothing but relax!

It’s hard for us to relax. Especially if we have to spend money to do it. For me, I always feel like I have to get things done before I can plot down on my butt and veg out. For Chris, number one: he doesn’t want to feel like he’s wasting his money. And number two: he says we can relax at home. I don’t know what house he lives in, but most days the only time I really get to relax is the hour we have between when the kids go to sleep and I go to sleep. There is always something to do, clothes to put away, rooms to pick up, dogs to yell at to stop barking, kids crying, people talking…it can be exhausting, especially for an introverted person. I understand this is not a real problem. Heck, it’s not even a problem at all. I would just simply love to take a vacation where I’m lying on a chaise lounge with a sunhat on, drinking a margarita, and maybe reading a book. Let me dream…

I’m thinking about Palm Springs. Not when it’s above 90 degrees, but slightly warm—cool in the shade, toasty in the sun. I’ve been looking at two hotels out there: Alcazar Palm Springs and The Parker Palm Springs. Alcazar looks so crisp and serene with it’s white paint and California style. They have these rooms that have their own fireplace and patio which looks fabulous to me. I can picture myself sitting out in the patio, enjoying my room service breakfast whilst wrapped up in a bathrobe and slippers.

image c/o Alcazar Palm Springs

Now The Parker is more popular, which means more people. But I’ve seen this hotel online and on TV and I want to live here. Jonathan Adler did a lot of the design and I love the eclectic, and again, California vibe this place has.

What are some of you favorite hotels to relax at? I’m hoping to find a place that will make both Chris and myself happy. That’s why I was looking at Palm Springs because I figured I could lounge for a while, but then we could also walk around a little bit and maybe take the tramway up the mountain to explore. Seriously, I just need some quiet time and a place to rock a sunhat (side note: did you catch Drew Barrymore’s hat in “The Santa Clarita Diet”? I’m totally going to get one and wear the crap out of it). Also, my mom brought home all of my grandmother’s muumuus from Chico and I plan on wearing as many as possible this summer. I held one up to me and showed it to Chris. I told him, “This is me now.” Hahaha 😛

Okay, well I’m going to navigate Kayak and other travel websites until Piper wakes up from her nap…

Unlike Milton from Office Space, I DO like salt.

xx, Christine

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