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Saving Money: Children’s Consignment Stores

Oliver was so spoiled. Well, he is still spoiled, but I’m referring to the fact that he was the first baby, first grandbaby, first everything and everything he received was new. Oh how I wish I wasn’t so snobbish, maybe I’d have more money!

My mom shopped at consignment stores when my sisters and I were younger, but when I had Oliver I didn’t want to buy any “used” items. I stocked up at Buy Buy Baby, Amazon, and Target. I’m not kidding when I say there were many things that we only used once…or not at all (gasp!).

I like to think that in the three and a half years since Ollie was born, I’ve become wiser. In reality I just don’t have gobs of money to spend anymore! And I’ve mentioned before that we moved in with my parents and all of our baby items are in storage (it’s a big pain to go and rummage through it). So with Piper I fully embraced consignment shopping!

This is not a sponsored post or ad, these are simply the consignment stores that I like to visit and are happy to share for those who live in the southern Orange County area 🙂 Also, as a side note I have not yet sold or exchanged any of my baby items back to any of the consignment stores, so I can’t yet speak on that type of experience yet. But believe me, I’ve got a stockpile of items that need to be sold!

Children’s Orchard, Lake Forest CA

This is the OG. The one my mom used to shop at (in their old location). It’s super close to my house, so if we need something right away it’s awesome. Like the other day, my mom was adamant that Piper needed a playpen ASAP. So instead of running to Target and buying a $99 Graco Pack ‘n Play, she got one from the Children’s Orchard for $39. This store is my mom’s top pick.

Jolly Tots Children’s Resale Boutique, Laguna Woods CA

Jolly Tots is also close by to me and I really like this shop, it’s on the smaller size but it’s really organized and I’m able to go in, pick out what I need quickly, and get going. The owner is also super nice. I’ve purchased a Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play and a Fisher Price Jumperoo (both were around forty bucks), and she took the time to show me how each one works and how to adjust them. Also, I mentioned in my Must Haves for Newborns post that I love the burp cloths I stole from the hospital; Jolly Tots had a huge pile of the cloths (I think they are mainly used for cloth diapering) that I snatched up! You gotta keep your eyes open in these stores, you’ll never know what you can find!

Newport Kids Consignment, Costa Mesa CA

I found this place online and although it’s a bit of a drive (it’s where the 55 ends in Costa Mesa), it’s worth the trip because it’s pretty large and they have a huge selection of clothes! I’ve bought Piper some really cute tops and her sunhat. And did I mention that clothes are really cheap?!? Like $1.99 for a top I could have bought at Baby Gap for $16.99!

Keeping cool!

I also found a Plum + Sparrow baby moses basket for $100 cheaper! Let’s not mention that I only put her in it one time…I suppose I’ll re-purpose it somehow. Maybe to store blankets? Sigh, I get caught up on Instagram posts and see all sorts of items I want to buy.

Lil’ Posh Resale Boutique, Costa Mesa CA

Lil’ Posh is just a couple doors down from Newport Kids. They sell more of the higher end items, and they get a lot of store floor models of car seats and strollers to sell. They are constantly posting their inventory on their Instagram page which is great.

My advice to new parents, or even older parents is to save your money! Your kids don’t know if the outfit they are wearing is brand new! Buy gently used items (make sure you wash clothing, bedding, etc. and wipe down everything else first), so you can have extra money to splurge on other items that you really have your eye on! When I buy something full price for the kids now, I tend to treasure it a bit more. You’ll also be helping small businesses stay afloat!

xx, Christine


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