Why Blogs are More Tempting than a Cinnabon

Well maybe not more tempting than a Cinnabon. I had the best cinnamon roll of my life just the other day at Panera Bread. I can’t turn down a cinnamon roll. If you were to give me the choice of either eating a cinnamon roll or read a blog, I’m pretty sure I’d eat the cinnamon roll #fatty. This is a horrible blog title. But I’m rolling with it…

Blogs give you a real insight into people’s lives and their interests. I love reading them because I’m a nosy person by nature and I can’t help but become invested in total strangers’ worlds. It’s almost like reading a tabloid, but without the mean gossip. You get a taste for how someone else lives their lives with their family and friends, what they eat, what they did on the weekend, what they think about x,y, and z. I started reading blogs years ago, back when I’d sign onto AOL and you’d get the home page pop up with today’s latest stories (actually, it may still be around, I just don’t use AOL anymore…). The first blog I would read on a daily basis was Cupcakes and Cashmere. I found it on AOL because it was a featured post and I can’t recall what the topic was about but it piqued my interest.

Cupcakes and Cashmere
The author, Emily Schuman, was just a normal girl in her twenties, living in Los Angeles. I dug her aesthetic and she had some great photography on her site, along with her perspective on everyday life. I’ve followed her for almost ten years and have seen her get married and grow into motherhood. Her blog has evolved into a total lifestyle brand, she’s gone pro with editors and directors, and she now has two books, a clothing line, and a bedding line! I don’t know Emily, I’ve never spoken, or even commented on her blog, but there is something about reading someone’s words about their lives that draw you in, and she certainly has kept my interest up. I would say that I would eat a Cinnabon WHILE reading her blog, haha.

From there, I started reading other blogs:

A Cup of Jo – A daily lifestyle blog, founded by Joanna Goddard, covering everything from fashion to culture to parenthood. I love reading her posts, she lives in New York and has a totally cool, East Coast vibe. She includes a lot of links on her site and I get lost going down the rabbit hole for hours!

For Me, For You – I used to read this one everyday. It’s actually not active anymore, she moved to a new site: Kate Miss Creative Studio, Kate’s a very hip young woman who lives in the Los Angeles area (think Silverlake-ish), and she is a graphic designer, jewelry designer, and photographer. She’s so cool, and so the opposite of me! I started following her when she was living in New York with her boyfriend, and I followed her on her move to California with her boyfriend, now husband. They’ve been through a lot, he had cancer, they got married, she started a jewelry line, and more. Again, I don’t know her, but I’ve followed her for years and she has accomplished so much! Plus, she makes really good playlists 🙂

Heart of Light – Rachel is a friend of Emily Schuman, and that’s how I found her blog. She has a lot of food and drink posts, which always make me hungry! And she’s got a really cute dog named Circe.

Running on Happiness – There’s no link to this one because it doesn’t exist anymore 😦 Kate, the author, now runs another site Kate Nelle (although the name may change because she’s recently gotten married). She used to post awesome hair tutorials that I would watch over and over (my hair is now super short, so I couldn’t even do any of the styles anymore!). Kate is maybe the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, no joke! I think she is more active on Instagram these days…

Aubrey Kinch – My sisters turned me on to this site a couple years ago. We like Aubrey because while she has an awesome life (I’d like to move to Arizona and be her friend!), it doesn’t make me hate her, you know what I mean? You know how there’s some people who are just too perfect, and there is no way that their lives can be as wonderful as their Instagrams and Facebook posts are? Well Aubrey keeps it real, and I appreciate that!! Her site is filled with lifestyle posts, mommy life, faith, and more.

Aubrey Kinch
So these are the blogs that have inspired me. All of these women are smart, intellectual, and business savvy. They have inspired me to start my own blog and maybe one day, I’ll have a follower who would rather read my latest blog than go eat a Cinnabon. Or maybe we’ll be friends and we can go eat a Panera cinnamon roll together. Screw Cinnabon. I don’t even know where there is a Cinnabon. LAX?

xx, Christine

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