I never thought I’d start a mom blog. I also never thought I’d drive a minivan. So here we are…

Welcome to oliver x piper! Oliver and Piper are the names of my kids, if you haven’t already figured that part out! My husband, Chris, and I live in Orange County, California with our kids and our dog, Bruce. We’re your ordinary family, living day-to-day making Target runs, going to the mall on weekends, and pining for the days when we had Disneyland annual passes.

Oliver is our first born and he is about 3 1/2 years old now. He is a silly kid who has also been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. I think I decided to start this blog because I’m one of those people who Google everything, and when Ollie was diagnosed I would search everywhere for answers and support. So if I in turn can be a bit of a help to other families out there, then that would be awesome!

Piper just turned five months old and I had forgotten what it’s like to live with a newborn baby! She’s a pretty good little one, but I like to say that when she’s happy she is really happy. But when she’s upset…she is really upset!

Chris and I both grew up here in Southern California, and since we’ve been together we’ve lived in multiple cities, including Las Vegas. Once we had Oliver we knew we had to move back to Orange County, not only for him, but so that we could be closer to both of our families.

So thanks for coming along on this journey with me! I’m excited to see where I go with this site and what I will share with you!

xx Christine

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